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Green Energy Contracting

What is it?

  • Our core focus is green energy. We develop scalable energy solutions to solve your power, heating, and cooling needs. We use renewable bush biomass as our primary energy source. Unlimited energy, zero CO2. 

  • We produce energy for you, in the form you need it. No management, no maintenance, no investment, and no risk, our clients enjoy hassle-free renewable energy services. 

  • Our cogeneration systems achieve the highest energy efficiencies possible.

  • We combine our vast experience in building and operating energy systems in Germany with our extensive biomass processing and logistics knowhow in Namibia

  • Acacia Energy systems will provide reliable, stable energy, where and when you need it.  

  • We develop, finance, build, and operate our systems at our own risk. You simply buy the energy from us. 

  • Our systems are customised to your needs. Simple green energy. Period.

Contact us to start planning your green energy future with Acacia Energy today.

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