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Bush encroachment

Our Purpose

Get to know us

The Namibian bush encroachment is causing significant socio-economic challenges for the country. A detailed explanation and background is provided here.

One of the best ways to overcome these challenges, is to turn bush encroachment into opportunities. The use of biomass as a source of energy is not new. However, Acacia Energy takes this process to the next level. We transform the energy stored within biomass into power, heating, and cooling, delivering it to the point of demand.


Our Vision

See What We See

We believe in a green energy future - for everyone - forever.

We believe that sustainable business can only be successful when all participating parties are treated equitably to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes. Human capital and natural resources form the basis for all Acacia Energy projects, and as such, both are managed according to the highest international standards.  

Our objectives are to uplift those involved within our value chain, to offer our customers renewable forms of energy and to save and regenerate the Sub-Saharan savannas being lost to bush encroachment.

Acacia tree branch
Meet The Team

Norbert Liebich:

Norbert’s vast commercial experience has been focused on the logistics sector within Namibia, and beyond. He is the founder of multiple successful companies and brings over 50 years of development and business experience to the team. He has also diversified his company portfolio to include biomass amongst others, and presently partially owns one of Namibia’s leading biomass harvesting and processing companies.

Olaf Liebich:
Olaf holds a degree in industrial engineering from Karlsruhe Institute of Technology in Germany. He brings over 20 years of experience in logistics, biomass, agriculture, and information technology systems. Olaf has 10 years of biomass harvesting and processing experience in Namibia, and he is a Director of one of largest grape farms in Namibia. 


Heinrich Unland:

Heinrich holds a degree in business administration from the University of Applied Sciences in Muenster, Germany. He was the founder of Novus Energy in Germany, a Independent Power Producer using biomass, in partnership with international equity backer. He also founded and manages APOS GmbH in Germany, a measurement systems company that spun out of Novus Energy’s need for an online system to measure calorific value of biomass. Heinrich holds a patent on this.

Colin Lindeque:

Colin holds an MBA from Copenhagen Business School, Denmark. He is a business development specialist with project management and natural resources experience. Colin has developed and managed numerous donor funded projects, most notably, the Namibian biomass association. He currently sits on the Board of the Namibian biomass association, the renewable energy association of Namibia, and is the Managing Director of Carbon Capital, a natural resource-based project development company.

After bush encroachment
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