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Acacia Energry De-bushing

Towards a world of 

sustainable energy

Acacia Energy saves African savannahs

Green Energy Contracting

Our focus is green energy. We develop scalable energy solutions to solve your power, heating, and cooling needs. We use renewable bush biomass as our primary energy source. Unlimited energy, zero CO2. 

  • We produce energy for your company, in the form you need it. No management, no maintenance, no investment, and no risk, our clients enjoy hassle-free renewable energy services.

  • Our cogeneration systems achieve the highest energy efficiencies possible.

  • Reduce your carbon footprint and save on energy costs!

Acacia Energry biomass
Acacia Tree
Why Invest?

We make the complicated simple.

We save savannahs and create intelligent jobs in the process - improving both ecosystems and livelihoods.  We replace fossil fuels with renewable energies, towards a greener future. We turn an environmental burden into an economic opportunity, turning a local problem into a local solution.

Sustainable Investment.

Making it easier for investors to do the right thing.

Save the Savannah

Sub-Saharan Africa, including Namibia, has been losing its natural savannah ecosystem at an alarming rate. Invasive bush species have been transforming the landscape across the region on a massive scale. Acacia Energy uses this invasive bush resource, enabling the restoration of the savannahs and the production of clean, renewable energy. Acacia Energy uses the bush to solve your power, heating, and cooling needs. Join us on our path to a green energy future.

Acacia Energry Acacia tree leaf close up
Acacia tree
Power Of Nature
Acacia Energry Entrance sign

About Acacia


The use of biomass as a source of energy is not new. However, Acacia Energy takes this process to the next level. We transform the energy stored within the biomass into power, heat and cooling, delivering it to the point of demand.

Our Vision

We believe in a green energy future - for everyone - forever. We are convinced that we can only be successful if all parties are treated fair and achieve benefits.

carbon footprint
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Our Team

Acacia Energy comprises of a diverse team of specialists, including expertise in energy systems, biomass, finance, business, logistics, information technology, and engineering. We combine our vast experience in building and operating energy systems in Germany with our extensive biomass processing and logistics knowhow in Namibia. At Acacia Energy, we pride ourselves in having some of the industry's most competent and experienced team members.

Acacia Energry bush encroachment
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